Advanced CAE Solutions
Amtec Inc.

Contents: TRANSMISSION3D is the most comprehensive 3D finite element based geard system contact analysis package,capable of modeling complex transmission assembly with multiple gear type, bearings, planetaries, flexible shafts, carriers, and housing.
Contents: some models of nontraditional gears and catalog

Gleason Asia Co., Ltd.

Gear module for replacements, prototypes, small series and specialdesigns on universal milling machines. Easy intuitive handling. Maximum flexibility and optimized milling paths.
Gleason Corporation is a leader in gear technology since more than 150 years, providing Total Gear Solutions to a wide variety of gear manufacturing industries on a global scale. Gleason produces Bevel and Cylindrical Gear Manufacturing Machines, Metrology Systems, Automation Solutions, Workholding Equipment, Cutting Tools, Plastic Gears as well as wide array of supporting services.

Gleason-Saikuni Co., Ltd.
Kashifuji Works, LTD.

Gleason-Saikuni specializes in tool grinding and rack manufacturing machines. Gleason-Saikuni Tool Griding Machines include solutions for bevel gear cutter grinding and sharpening of hobs, shaper cutters and power skiving cutters for customers' high-quality gear production. Gleason-Saikuni Rack Manufacturing Solutions include equipment for milling and griding, as well as hard rack skiging which has been especially developed for the requirements of automotive steering rack production.
In 1913, Kashifuji was established here in Kyoto and made Japan's 1st hobbing machine in 1918 for machining gears in house. We have more than 80 year's experience in manufacturing accurate hobbing machine since 1932, and now we produce various kinds of machines related to gear manufacturing. To be displayed; Catalogs, signboards and sample gears.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
KISSsoft. Co.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. is a leading-edge company which designs and develops state-of-the-art aero engine gearboxes, helicopter transmissions and traction-drive electrical power generator(T-IDG®).
Gear Box Design Software; sizing, optimization, rating and CAD integration of power transmission.

L AND M Corporation
Liebherr Japan Co., Ltd.

L AND M Corporation is a distributor of the precision gear inspection machine. Its measuring range is 280-5500mm dia. on the rotary table and more than 5000mm dia. to un-limited on the floor. For a big gear, we can measure it at vertical position with unique technology.
Liebherr Gear Grinder LGG series are ideally suited to generating grinding of tooth flank Modifications such as following unique features. TF-Twist Free, DFT-Deviation Free Topological, NEO-Noise Excitation Optimized modification, GER-Generated End Relief, SSG-Silent Shift Grinding, DIP-Dresser Independent Profile modifications.

NewtonWorks Co.

NewtonWorks promotes total CAE services. We introduce "NewtonSuite-RSCalc/OilFilm" for lubrication software that solve film thickness, shear force, oil leakage, stiffness and damping of bearing etc.
Our CNC gear measuring instruments enable quick, fully automated measurement of tooth profile, helix, pitch and runout. With the high accuracy and outstanding durability, we have been earning the trust of customers around the world. At this exhibition, we will exhibit a miniature of gear measuring machine, as well as catalogues and panels.

Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.

Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer "μ-X360s" is the world's lightest and smallest residual stress analyzer. Quick and easy setup. Measurement time is approximately 60 seconds for ferritic samples.
Contents: Movable Models of Testing Machines

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Contents: CYCLO® Drives Speed Reducer (for general purpose/ precision control), Hyponic GearMotor® (cutaway model)