On February 28, a technical tour is planned as a pre-conference event.

All Participants are requested to come to the entrance hall at Kyoto Terrsa on Feb. 28 no later than 9:00 am.

On the tour, you can visit a Laboratory “Research Institute for Applied Sciences” where Prof. Kubo is exploring new technologies.

What to see at RIAS
1. Accuracy measurement of big bevel gear on the 5X-machine:

RIAS/NIKON/DMG/MORI develops new contact free measuring apparatus for the geometrical 3D form accuracy with better than 3 μm reproducibility. Cutter marks and surface roughness upto 0.3 μm can be observed. The operation of the measurement is demonstrated first time in the world to the MPT2017 participants.
The operation of the standalone measuring machine NIKON HN-C3030 will also be demonstrated.

2. Accurate measurement of geometrical 3D micro-figure of the surface of machine parts:

The Accretec OptScope measures small region of the surface around 2.8x2.8 to 0.5x0.5 mm area with ca.2000x2000 pixels and with better than 0.5 nm Z-resolution to make accurate 3D figure of the target surface. The working distance at the measurement is from 40mm to 4.8 mm. Portable type of this apparatus is also shown.

3. Portable type X-ray diffraction apparatus for measuring lattice deformation of ferrite (i.e. so called residual stress of steel) will be demonstrated.
4. Tour through traditional facilities for Plazma Nitriding and Induction Hardening

 The tour includes a visit to DMG-MORI or MHI Machine Tool, which are leading machine tool companies in JAPAN. At MHI Machine Tool, you can see the latest models of the internal gear manufacturing machine which include a skiving machine and a internal gear grinding machine. you can also see an assemble shop of the gear manufacturing machines. See a website

DMGMORI is a world’s biggest machine tool company, showroom tour and up-to-date machining demonstrations.

 At 9:00 am, departure from the conference site, Kyoto Terrsa.

 Participants can select two places to visit from three options mentioned above, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

 Before 5:00 pm, a bus will return to the conference site to enable participants to make his / her registration and to join our welcome reception.

 The committee arranges bus transportation and lunch at cost (not fixed yet).  


Research Institute for Applied Sciences

MHI Machine Tool